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Hot Water and Steam Boiler Maintenance, Repair & Installations / Replacements

We are your residential and commercial source for hot water heating and steam heating. We can work with your boiler, radiator and even integrate solar heating into your heating system. We can repair or replace your boiler piping system. We can sometimes correct a radiant heating system, if it has not been installed extremely incorrect. We can rebuild most of your expensive boiler controls. We can convert your old steam system into a hot water heating system. We can rebuild your boiler if the parts are available. We can convert your old inefficient boiler system into a new 95% AFUE condensing gas boiler system.
 Check out some pictures of the systems that we have installed and that we work on. Also look at some of the accessories that we have for boilers. Look at our boiler section listed under products for more detailed information about boilers that we install. We also work on almost every brand of boiler that there is. If it can be done with a boiler, then we can usually do it. Some of our competitors brag that they only install the lower efficiency cast iron boilers. We install cast iron boilers and the much more efficient condensing boilers that also qualify for the Federal and State energy tax credits.
Hot Water Boilers
Hot Water Boilers are very versatile appliances. They can heat your house, heat your garage, heat your basement, heat your domestic hot water, melt the snow off your driveway, heat your swimming pool or your hot tub. And they do it without blowing dust all over your house. They are a very simple, yet complex piece of equipment. They can do all of the above with just one boiler or several. They can be zoned to heat each room or area separately or heat the whole building.
The water heating temperature can be adjusted manually or it can automatically adjust itself. The adjustment can be varied depending on the inside temperature, the outside temperature and the amount of heat required to heat the zone that you want heated.  There's a tremendous amount of things that a hot water boiler can do that can not be done with a gas or electric furnace.
A boiler is very simple in its basic elements. You have a fuel system for heating the water, a piping system for carrying the heated water and the boiler controls for adjusting and safety of the boiler. A heating and air conditioning person can work with the fuel system, but they do not understand the boiler piping system, a plumber understands and can work with the boiler piping system, however they do not understand the fuel system. The controls are sometimes a cross between controlling the fuel system and the piping system and confuse both professions.
 A boiler technician bridges the gap between both of these professions and can understand the relationship they each have in regards to the other. This is why the boiler technician requires so much more training and schooling than the plumber or the HVAC technician. The states realize this and that's why they have Licensed Plumbers, Licensed HVAC Companies and Licensed Boiler Companies. A hard lesson to stomach is when your insurance agent asks if the guy that damaged your house was from a licensed boiler company or not. Your answer can cost you several thousand dollars if the answer is NO. The same applies if you have a plumber working on your heating system or a HVAC technician working on your plumbing.
Always use the right tool for the job and that applies to technicians in the building trades also.
Steam Boilers
Steam boilers are inefficient compared to  hot water condensing boilers, but they do provide a very good comfortable heat for the building. Hot water heat uses a pump to move the water around the piping.
 A new steam boiler installation.
Steam uses the explosive capacity of steam to travel around the piping. One (1) cubic foot of water will require 1700 cubic feet of space when it turns into steam. So, when the water in a steam boiler turns to steam, there's not enough room in the boiler for the steam, so it rushes out of the boiler thru the piping at about 28 MPH (Miles Per Hour).
Steam heat can also be zoned, however the zoning is much more expensive than for hot  water. However, if the system is already zoned, most of the time the zone valves can be rebuilt. The controls for a steam system are much more difficult for the heating or plumbing technician to understand. Also the piping system can be more difficult. There are a large variety of steam valves and steam traps that sometimes even the manufacturer doesn't know what it is.
The way you sometimes know the function of steam system components is to look at its location and determine from that what the parts function is. There's a very popular steam class in the United States that's called "Dead Men's Steam School" that is taught by Dan Holohan. These classes always sell out in our trade because steam is one of the most difficult heating systems to work on. The book was named because of the fact that all of the men that designed and installed the old steam systems in the United States are now dead. They knew what they were doing and now its up to us to figure out their design. You will never see a written diagram showing the total design of the system unless its in a large commercial or industrial system.
A few years back, I was working on a Dr's house in Louisville and found a defective control in the piping system. I determined that it was a certain type of valve and replaced it with a modern valve. Now this modern valve looked nothing like the old valve, but I was fairly confident that I had made the correct decision. However, to be on the safe side, I contacted the manufacturer of the part and asked them if I had made the correct choice. They informed me that their factory had burnt down in the 1940's and they had no clue as to what the part was. They had never heard of it. Well, lucky for me that I had the old catalog page showing me the specifications and proper use of the valve.  It was manufactured in 1929. The majority of the manufacturers of the old steam systems and steam accessories have went out of business in the last 150 years in the United States.
 Thus, if you are going to have your steam system worked on, have it repaired or serviced by a boiler company like us. There's only one school in the United States that teaches boiler technicians about the old obsolete steam systems and we have technicians that have went to all of their weeklong classes.

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